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Move House 3D is a casual game where you’re in charge of filling a moving truck with all the objects belonging to different homes. Move the various objects around, trying to find the right place for all the furniture and other belongings in order to transport them efficiently.

In the levels in Move House 3D, you’ll need to organize both large pieces of furniture and smaller ones. So think carefully about where to place the objects in order to complete the move in one trip and beat the level. Best of all, this game has simple controls. All you have to do is drag the furniture where you want to place it in the truck.

As you add objects to the truck, their positions will be marked red or green. This way, you can tell if you’re selecting the right place for each piece of furniture before placing it in one of the corners. On many levels, it’s crucial to place certain stacked items first in order to fit everything before the truck starts moving.

Move House 3D has tons of furniture and other home goods that you’ll need to fit inside of a truck in order to transport them to a new destination. Make the most of each trip by filling every nook and cranny of the truck in order to advance.


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