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Monster Evolution! is an addictive arcade game where you play as some of the most terrifying monsters ever. Your goal in Monster Evolution! is to feed on whatever you can find in order to grow stronger. Try to evolve your monster as much as you can until you can defeat the creatures waiting for you at the end of each level.

Monster Evolution! has easy controls, so practically anyone can enjoy playing from the very first game, regardless of previous experience. During the feeding phase, drag your finger in the direction you want to go. Once you’re strong enough, it’s time to dodge the projectiles thrown at you, and when the real fight begins, tap on the screen repeatedly to strike back.

For each enemy you defeat, you’ll earn coins and experience points which you can use to unlock new designs for both your character and the environment.

Monster Evolution!’s simple gameplay and addictive progression system makes it the perfect game to play whenever and wherever you want.

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