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Money Tree City is a game where you can make a fortune by taking care of your money tree. This way, you can get rich and build a city from scratch, which in turn will give you more money. Invest wisely and take care of your magic tree and you’ll never be broke.

This app combines the classic strategy gameplay, where you need to know how to invest and build an empire, with a clicker, where you have to improve your scores by tapping the screen. So you need to click to make money, and once you have what you need, you can start building your city around your magic tree. Each of the buildings gives you money, meaning every investment you make will be profitable. Additionally, you can improve your tree so that every click gives you even more money.

You’ll have a huge array of buildings available to get the attention of your neighbours: shops, restaurants, casinos, banks, or landmarks will make your city thrive like no other. Follow the evolution of all your buildings, customize every option, and make more money every second.

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