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Modern Sniper 3d is an online action and shooting video game where players can play the role of a sniper who has to kill all the targets assigned to them, without any collateral damage.

At the start of each level in the game, you are handed a file with the description of a person you have to kill, the reason for killing them (some worse than others) and the amount of money you will get. The game will start with you trying to get your first target, which will help you get used to aiming and shooting accurately. Depending on where the bullet hits, if it’s a headshot or somewhere less lethal, your reward will increase or decrease.

Whenever you successfully shoot your target, you will see an action replay of the bullet leaving the weapon, flying through the air and hitting the victim’s body, indicating successful completion of the level. Usually, the target is accompanied by other people who you shouldn’t kill. So, if you shoot at the wrong moment or get the wrong person, everything will go belly-up, and you will have to restart the level.

Modern Sniper 3d is an entertaining sniper shooting game that is perfect for passing the time amassing victims.


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