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MIX by Camera360 is a photo-editing tool that allows you to apply more than 200 effects and filters to your images or compose your own photo-editing filters.

Users of MIX by Camera360 have access to over 100 handpicked filters, 40 original textures, and up to a dozen advanced editing tools. Best of all, you can combine all these elements to create your own formulas (which you can later save and reuse).

With MIX by Camera360, you can apply light effects to your photos, insert ‘lens flares’, alter the softness of the borders, add blur, and much more. What’s more, using all these features is usually as easy as sliding your finger across the screen to increase or reduce the effect.

MIX by Camera360 is a powerful yet easy-to-use photo-editing tool that comes with a quality guarantee from PinGuo, makers of the equally awesome Camera360.


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