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Minimal Dungeon RPG is an incredibly fun RPG that turns this classic genre on its head. The premise is pretty much the same as any other RPG: you play as a hero who has to kill monsters and level up until you’re the ruler of the kingdom. But it stands out from all the rest thanks to its gameplay and graphics.

In Minimal Dungeon RPG, your mission is to explore dungeons, collect rewards, and destroy any monster that crosses your path. In this game, all the elements are placed on colorful squares that you can interact with by tapping on them. Despite its simplicity, this game is still tons of fun, packed with exciting fights and adventure.

As you play, you can fight monsters, wander through lush forests, meet charming characters, solve riddles, and gain power from abstract geometric shapes. Despite being a relatively simple game, you’ll have so much fun, you won’t be wishing for anything else.

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