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MiniCraft: Blocky Craft is a game that’s similar to Minecraft where you enter a pixel-like world to experience thrilling adventures. By placing blocks however you like, you can construct or tear down your own spaces. There are all kinds of different pieces that mean you can let your imagination take the reins.

In MiniCraft: Blocky Craft, you can improvise your constructions during each game. All you have to do is tap on the bar at the bottom to select the type of block that you want to add to the scene. Like this, you can vary your construction methods to build creations that impress the other players.

In MiniCraft: Blocky Craft, there is also a creative external world. If you choose survival, you must flee from certain enemies to try and be the last one standing. The thrill is even greater here, and it will be essential to pay very close attention to stop your enemies from reaching you. You even have the chance to construct your own weapons to gain an arsenal that can surprise any opponent.

All you have to do to control your character is to press the direction arrows. Similarly, there are also action buttons on the right that let you jump or complete any other action whenever you need to.

MiniCraft: Blocky Craft has all the necessary resources for exploring this island while you edit your surroundings bit by bit. By using the available blocks, you can move around the map with the clear goal of creating amazing constructions.


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