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Mini Golf King is a 3D minigolf game where players compete online against worldwide opponents. Matches in Mini Golf King are only comprised of a single hole, so you’ll rarely be tied up for more than just over one or two minutes.

The controls in Mini Golf King are fairly intuitive and overall, very well adapted to touchscreens. Simply sliding your finger across your screen lets you change your aim, as well as the strength you use when swinging. Obviously, another major factor affecting your hits is the type of golf club you’re using, as it’ll vary the amount of intensity in each swing.

One of the most important elements to keep in mind is that whenever you’re playing Mini Golf King; your final score is keystone to your success. It’ll do you absolutely no good to get your ball in the hole before your rivals, if you haven’t already earned yourself a few gems along the way. Particularly due to the fact that each gem adds an extra 100 points to your final score, so be sure to pick them up whenever you can during each swing.

In Mini Golf King, you’ll find over 30 different holes to try your hand at. You’ll unlock more as you progress through the game, whenever you win a match against your opponents. All the holes in this game are split up among 8 different levels, each with its own distinct theme.

Mini Golf King is a fun and unique minigolf game that has lush graphics. It’s a fun game that’ll give you the chance to meet new opponents to play with from around the world.


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