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Mi Movistar is a very useful tool for anyone with a Movistar account who uses an Android device and needs to pay close attention to their data consumption, minutes, and the other information related to their account.

You can use the program interface, which is quite simple and intuitive, to carry out different tasks. These include checking how much data or how many minutes you’ve used, checking the most recent bill, changing your plan for one that better fits your needs at a certain time, activating calls when you’re abroad, or even searching for official Vodafone stores that are near where you are.

In order to use the app, the only requirement is that you be a Movistar client. If you are, you can access all of the information listed in the paragraph above in a matter of seconds. So, you will always know if you are close to going over your data allowance or not.

Mi Movistar is an app that is extremely useful for anyone who has an account with that telephone company, as it will allow you to comfortably and quickly manage your data.


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