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meteoblue is a useful app that lets you find out what the weather is going to be like in your city or anywhere else in the world, in addition to tons of extra information. If you like planning your day or you’re going to travel to a new city, this app gives you all the details you need to know about current and future weather forecasts in real time.

The first thing you have to do after installing meteoblue is tell it what city you want to see the weather for. One of the good things about using this app is that you can manually add one or more cities or let meteoblue simply tell you the weather in your current location. Thanks to this feature, you can find out what the weather is like wherever you go, without having to change a thing.

In each daily weather forecast, you can find out if there’s going to be sun, rain, snow or any other weather condition through a simple icon. Plus, it’ll tell you the high and low temperatures for each of the next seven days. In addition to this basic information, you’ll find the wind speed and direction. All this information can be expanded if you go to the daily forecast and find the hourly forecast.

To top it all off, meteoblue offers a five-day meteogram with a temperature curve, cloud layers at different altitudes, and a weather forecast for each city you want to know about. Plus, you can access the satellite where you’ll see the evolution of cloudiness in the last few hours and a rain radar where you can find out if it’s going to rain before you leave home without your umbrella.


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