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Metal Soldiers 3 is a super fun shoot ’em up whose gameplay and aesthetic is based on the awesome Metal Slug game series. By switching the charming pixel-art character and map designs for a flash animation-style aesthetic, but retaining the wild action, the variety of weapons and humor from the original games, Metal Soldiers 3 is the ultimate game for those who miss quick epic games where the biggest concern is where to aim and shoot.

The intuitive design of the controls means that practically any user can enjoy Metal Soldiers 3’s playability right from the start. You can move your hero with the joystick on the left of the screen, while the buttons on the right are to shoot, launch grenades or change between the different weapons in your collection. Like any good game in this genre, most enemies need just one shot to be defeated, though you will have to look for the weakest points in the more difficult opponents.

Each level you pass will reward you with coins that you can later use to unlock boosters, revival after defeat or even more powerful weapons.

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