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MergeCrafter for Android

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MergeCrafter is an addictive logic game that challenges you to solve many puzzles to advance in the game. In this adventure, your mission is to unveil the hidden pieces of the board while discovering all the mysterious objects that will be revealed when you manage to reach their exact combination.

This logic-based challenge has a straightforward gameplay and is designed for all audiences. Each map you face includes a series of elements located on the board in both the revealed and hidden areas. To enlarge the map with the grey areas, you have to merge three or more pieces with at least one hidden piece. In other words, you have to use a missing element to recover the area.

Each piece on the board is helpful, and you can either merge three to get one evolved piece or five to get two. If you’re patient and know how to play, you can get a bunch of materials that you’ll need later to continue advancing. So, think carefully about your moves before taking action, or you’ll run out of options.

One of the most interesting aspects of MergeCrafter is that you have to discover what’s hidden in some elements that can’t be merged. Learn how to use them correctly and continue to thrive in this mystery-packed game where logic is essential to get the best combos.



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