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Merge Food World Dish Journey is a casual and time management game that challenges you to merge dishes to create new ones. The simplest dishes require fewer combinations but they’re also worth fewer points….but, they’ll be done faster.

With beautiful and colorful visuals plus really joyful music, you have to roll up your sleeves and create as many dishes as possible, managing resources in the most efficient way possible. Start combining food to discover new dishes that’ll get you points and help you level up. You’ll start by combining loaves of bread. Two loaves of bread equal one egg. Two eggs (four loaves of bread) equal one plate of oatmeal. Two of those (eight loaves of bread or four eggs) equal one pizza, and you’ll keep playing that way until you can unlock delicious dishes that’ll help you earn money.

As you keep advancing through the game, you can unlock new chefs that can cook for you without having to create loaves of bread on a regular basis. The chefs will start by creating more advanced dishes so you can spare yourself the trouble of making the first combinations.

Merge Food World Dish Journey is a dynamic and super fun game that challenges you to be the best chef around, managing your stress levels to the max and having the most efficient resource management vision.

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