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Merge Farm! is a fun, casual clicker game, in which your job is to cultivate a lush tomato garden. But there’s a twist -you can merge your tomatoes create larger plants. And, of course, the more tomatoes you can grow on one plant, the more money you’ll earn! And, as well as growing loads of tomatoes, you’ll also have to you’ll also have to fill customer’s orders.

Merge Farm! has super simple gameplay: you’ll begin with a small plot of land and one tiny tomato plant with a single tomato. Simply tap your device’s screen as fast as you can to grow more tomatoes, collect them, and earn money! As you earn money, you can invest in more tomato plants, merge them into larger plants, and upgrade your land to exponentially increase your tomato yield!

Overall, Merge Farm! is a simple -but super fun- game that will keep you entertained for hours merging tomatoes!


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