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Megapolis is a strategy game in which you begin with a small plot of land on which you can start building your own city. To do so, you should invest the little money that you have at the beginning wisely and go on missions to earn extra money to help develop the infrastructure.

For the small town to thrive, you’ll need homes for families to move into, jobs so they can live and invest in businesses, and several transportation systems for the flow of vehicles so people can move around freely, including airports, train stations, and bus routes.

If you want to build a great city, you have to know what buildings will give you the best benefits and how to exploit various energy resources such as oil, gas, wind, and solar power. Big industries will earn large sums of money for you that will help you make more and more progress. But before you jump into construction projects, you should consider the population and how each structure will benefit them.

As with any big city, in Megapolis it is also important to have a good relationship with your neighbors, so if you want to thrive, you will have to help your neighbors with whatever they ask of you. In return, you will receive gifts and benefits that are only available with this kind of cooperation, enabling you to build a huge city that wouldn’t be possible if you tried to do it alone.

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