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Marvelous Hero is a classic-style beat’em up where you can play a character who suspiciously looks a lot like Captain America. Your aim is to finish off all the enemies that appear on the screen, and there are a TON.

The gameplay in Marvelous Hero is super intuitive: on the right side of the screen you have a virtual D-pad to move your character around, while on the right are your action buttons. By combining the attacks, you can carry out devastating combos.

The game story takes you through tons of different settings where you have to fight dozens of enemies. At times you also have to face a boss who makes things extra difficult. To defeat these dreadful opponents, in fact, you normally have to improve your character’s attributes.

Marvelous Hero is an enjoyable action game that offers spectacular graphics and one of those gameplays that never goes out of style. Beating up all the bad guys who get in your way is always a good time.

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