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Marble Mission is a casual game where you have to shoot colored balls out of cannon to get rid of the other colored balls. These elements follow winding paths that will change each time you move on to a new level.

The graphics in Marble Mission are pretty simple and remind us of other classic titles with this gameplay. This means you get to sit back and focus on the game without any types of distractions. In fact, it’s important to maintain your concentration in order to launch the balls at others of the same color.

To control the cannon, you just have to touch the screen and aim it toward the spot where you want your ball to land. The more like-colored balls you manage to connect, the more you’ll clear off the board. If you manage to stop them from reaching the end, you’ll get tons of points and you’ll move onto the next challenge.

With Marble Mission, you’ll have tons of fun shooting colored balls with your spinning cannon. You just have to pay close attention to each level, and make sure the balls don’t reach the end of the line.


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