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Mano Jungle Adventure is an arcade game, similar to the classic Super Mario Bros, where you help a character called Mano to go through dozens of levels while collecting coins. With visuals that are reminiscent of the traditional games with the famous plumber, you won’t be able to stop playing and trying to reach the end of each challenge.

Another noteworthy aspect in Mano Jungle Adventure is that the controls are simple, so you can easily move your character. Using the arrows at the bottom of the screen, you can advance, go backward, and even jump into some of the tubes to enter secret areas. On the right, there is also a button to jump and another key to launch fireballs.

It is also worth highlighting that, as you pass levels, you will need to face seven bosses throughout the game. These are the enemies that will best test your ability to keep advancing without losing lives.

Mano Jungle Adventure has loads of levels where you can show off your agility avoiding each obstacle. Getting a good number of coins will make it very easy to pass the challenges and start new ones where you can smash all the achievements you are given.

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