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Make Me Angry is a game full of levels where you think logically in order to anger the main character. Using an assortment of actions, try to make the character lose his temper and fly into a rage.

Graphics in Make Me Angry are entirely in 2D. Use your finger to trace movements and generate various reactions from the character in question. In short, you’ll have to see what objects are available around you, then interact with them to find the right action.

Each of the levels in Make Me Angry places you in a new situation. Test your logical thinking skills as you try to figure out the moves required to solve each situation. Thankfully, there’s also a hints system that you can use in case you get stuck.

Make Me Angry includes tons of challenges where your only mission is to make the protagonist angry. Tap on objects and interact with them to get this guy riled up, having a blast while you anger the stick figure in this unique game.


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