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Magic Rampage is an action/platform/roleplay combo where you play an adventurer who has to traverse dozens of settings rife with monsters and traps. You can visit castles, dungeons, forests, swamps, and much more.

On the left side of the screen you’ve got your buttons to move left and right, while on the right are your buttons to jump and attack. At the top left you’ll also find your inventory button from which you can kit yourself out with new weapons and armor.

Learning to pick the right weapon and armor for each moment turns out to be key to your survival in the world of Magic Rampage. Fire-resistant armor can, for example, help you survive a series of igneous traps. But that same armor might prove useless against the handful of zombies.

The campaign mode in Magic Rampage lets you cover dozens of levels set in different scenarios where you have to battle every kind of monster. Along the way, of course, you’ll also have to try to collect coins and diamonds and find all the secrets in each level.

Magic Rampage is an excellent video game that manages to cleverly combine elements of platform, action, and RPGs. Plus the game has quite good graphics and offers a huge array of things you can customize about your character.



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