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Magic DosBox Free is a DosBox port for Android that’s been specially optimized and adapted for touch screens. Thanks to this app you can play practically any classic computer game with complete mouse, keyboard, and gamepad support. As usual with emulators, though, there aren’t any games included.

One of the key features in Magic DosBox Free is the option to customize the controls to your liking. You can create custom widgets to control your mouse, keyboard keys, gamepad buttons, etc. Likewise, you can easily set up gesture shortcuts. You can even use a real mouse or an Xbox360 controller if you connect it to your device.

With Magic DosBox Free, loading a video game is really simple. All you need are the game files, which can usually be found quite easily on related sites. The emulator supports games in .iso, .gog, .inst, and .cue formats. So yes, you can also enjoy your GOG game collection on Android.

Magic DosBox Free is a powerful DOS emulator thanks to which you can conveniently play some of the best video games in history on your Android device.


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