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Mad Dogs is a casual game where you have to help a skillful young boy to get away from the dogs attempting to attack him. By avoiding obstacles in your way, you have to move your character through the streets of the city to escape the animals.

Mad Dogs has colorful 3D graphics that let you identify everything around you. To move your character, you just have to slide your finger around your Android’s screen. This helps you to scale walls, avoid trash cans and climb on trampolines that give you a boost.

As you move through the different levels, you find new breeds of dog that try to catch you. To get to the finish line before the animals you have to be very quick and avoid being slowed down by anything around you. Doing this will mean you can run at full speed as the tension rises as different dogs hunt you down.

Mad Dogs has simple controls and a fun mechanic that will put your agility to the test as you run through the streets trying to avoid everything in your path. A whole pack of dogs will be on your tail and you have to be faster than them if you don’t want to suffer a cruel fate. Finally, it must be noted that you have various skins that you unlock to customize the way your character looks.


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