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Mad Dex Arenas is a 2D platformer that’s very similar to the great Super Meat Boy, where you play a piece of meat (Dex) who has to rescue his girlfriend in all the levels of this new adventure.

The gameplay in Mad Dex Arenas is practically identical to the two previous installments in the saga. You only have three buttons: run to the left, run to the right, and jump. With these three buttons, you have to avoid hundreds of deadly traps in the form of spikes, saws, lasers, and enemies.

Despite first appearances, the controls in Mad Dex Arenas are really well refined. While it would definitely be much easier to play with a handheld controller, the touchscreen controls work well enough that you can’t blame them for your failures.

Mad Dex Arenas is a fun and addicting 2D platformer that offers a new adventure full of ridiculously hard levels. This third installment in the saga is even better than the first, since it offers a considerable challenge for all Android players.

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