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Lumii is a very complete and unique photo editing app that lets you create one-of-a-kind photo creations and compositions. Best of all, the results are almost at the same level as what you’d get from a professional editor, but are achieved using only an Android smartphone.

With Lumii, you can complete simple edits like adjusting the brightness, saturation, or contrast. Plus, you can add completely groundbreaking effects with total control over the editing process. You can edit your photo in the different color channels to change the color levels separately, add defects as if the picture were taken on an analog camera: add overexposed areas, dust on the lens, color prisms, etc. And best of all, you can combine images together to create attractive eye-catching effects, similar to the ones that became all the rage after they were used in the opening of True Detective. The final result is a tool that lets you create unique effects, save presets, and generate content that’s unlike anything you’re used to seeing.

In all, Lumii has over 50 different editing effects: filters, color and texture effects, analog camera defects, etc. Plus, you can create distortions, divide the image into color channels, duplicate, crop, and lastly, share your creations via any messaging app you have installed. It also offers premium content that you can unlock by paying a small fee.

In short, Lumii is a thorough and complete app that’s perfect for anyone who loves photography and design.


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