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Lumi is a tool through which you can meet people from all around the world. So, if you want to start conversations with people who share similar tastes and interests to you, this app is a very interesting option. And, best of all, right from the comfort of your Android.

Unlike other similar platforms, with Lumi, you just have to answer a series of questions to be able to access the main screen and start your adventure. What’s more, navigating the app is very intuitive, as the design and organization of elements are similar to other apps that have practically the same purpose.

Once on Lumi, almost the entire screen will be taken up by a profile picture, name and short bio of one of the users you can meet. You can find out what country they are from or which languages they speak in just a few seconds. Similarly, if you prefer to discover other profiles and reject the current one displayed, just tap on the cross provided. Like this, you can video call or send text messages or voice notes with the people you want, as long as they accept.

Enjoy meeting people from any country, thanks to Lumi —a platform where borders don’t exist.

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