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Lumber Inc is an entertaining incremental game that belongs to the idle clicker subgenre. In it, you play as the manager of a sawmill. The idea is to hire workers, increase levels and salaries, buy new machinery, and much more, all in the name of helping your lumber company grow.

Lumber Inc begins with a small team that goes to the forest, cuts down trees, and brings the wood back to the sawmill to be packaged and sold. Luckily, shortly after starting your adventure, you can hire more specialized workers. Before long, you can also buy new machinery, transport logs more efficiently, expand your industrial warehouse, and much more.

As you play, you can improve various aspects of your company in order to reach your goals more quickly. For example, there’s an achievement system that rewards you with extra money for each goal completed. You can also level up the speed at which your employees and machines work, hire more employees, and update the benefits for each stage of your business. Keep improving and you’ll be raking in money in no time.

Lumber Inc is an entertaining game where you can have fun reaching various achievements and helping your lumber company grow into a thriving business.


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