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Ludo All Star is a Parcheesi game where you can play with two to four players on the same board. All of this in a fun online game mode where you face off against players from all over the world to be the first to get all of the pawns on the last space.

Controls in Ludo All Star are quite simple—just throw the dice to start your turn. All you have to do is click on the pawn that you want to move when it’s your turn. However, you do need to roll a six to get started. You can also even automate gameplay if you want to just sit back and watch the game unfold.

As you move your pawns ahead, it’s easy to add up points on the scoreboard⁠—this is the only way to beat your rivals and take first place in the classifications at the end of every game. Another interesting feature is that you can strike up conversations with the other players, and even them send emojis.

Ludo All Star is a highly entertaining Parcheesi game where you can take on players from across the globe. Plus, as you play more, you can unlock new pawns that get you more points with the rewards that you earn.


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