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With all the logos that surround us and the quantity of ads we see every day, it’s no wonder most people can match a company’s images with its brand names without even trying, even if they’ve never purchased any of its products.

Logo Quiz: Brands is an entertaining game where you can show off how much you know about brands when given only the logo of the company. This app is based on the classic hangman game: you have to guess the letters and fill in the blanks provided. If you get stuck on a particular question, you can use a wildcard that will give you a hint so you can move forward.

The game has six different categories: technology, automotive, games, Internet, food, and fashion/beauty. In all of them you can find questions about the most famous international brands. If you respond correctly, you win coins to spend on things that will help you later on in the game.

Logo Quiz: Brands has a classification system that measures the statistics of each player, so that everyone who plays the game will be put into a worldwide ranking – and whoever knows the most about brands will appear first on the list.

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