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Little Big Snake is a fun multiplayer arcade game with gameplay that was clearly inspired by the great While the two games are similar, Little Big Snake manages to surpass thanks to remarkably well-done graphics and some new gameplay that increases the replay value and adds some depth to this already complex game.

In Little Big Snake, your mission is to become the largest snake on the map. To do so, swallow everything that crosses your path, but be careful not to run into enemy snakes. Scattered across the map are loads of power-ups that temporarily give your snake abilities, such as a faster speed, that make the game a bit easier.

Little Big Snake has easy-to-use controls: just swipe your finger across the screen, and your snake will move across the map in the same direction. On top of that, you can tap on the right side of the screen to exchange a bit of your snake for a boost of speed.

Depending on if you reach first, second, or another place during the game, you’ll earn a different number of coins, which you can exchange for new skins for your circuitous character. Check out Little Big Snake and see if you can become the longest snake on the map.



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