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Lineage War is an online RPG where you venture into a fantasy world populated by orcs, elves, dragons, and a lot of other creatures. The game’s story, as usual, puts you at the center of an international conflict involving humans, elves, and man-beasts.

The controls in Lineage War are perfect for the touchscreen. Just tap to move your character around, and tap twice to dodge enemy attacks. On the right side of the screen you’ll find all the special abilities you can use with your character.

Most of the time, the game involves missions where you have to fight enemies and pick up treasures. Still, in Lineage War you can also visit the main town and chat with other characters, accept new missions, and purchase new equipment.

Lineage War is an entertaining MMORPG, with perfect controls for the touchscreen. Like almost every game of this genre, it also offers a huge amount of content to enjoy.

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