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Family Locator – GPS Tracker is an interesting tool that lets you easily keep in contact with each member of your family. The app gives you the possibility to create private groups where you can keep track of your close friends and family.

One of the best things about Family Locator – GPS Tracker is that it lets you chat with the family members in each group. Plus, thanks to this tool, you can also see the exact location of each member and detect if something’s not right. This is useful if you want to see your child’s daily route to school, for example.

Family Locator – GPS Tracker also provides you notifications to keep you informed when a family member leaves and reaches their destination. Plus, you’ll be warned if a phone is stolen or lost, and if the car a member is traveling in goes over the recommended speed limit.

With Family Locator – GPS Tracker it’ll be much easier to keep track of your household members using your device. All you have to do is create different circles and activate the features you find necessary.


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