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Life in Adventure is an epic story adventure that, thanks to its settings and incredible narrative, gives players the closest possible experience to the more traditional pen-and-paper role-playing games.

By transporting you to a beautiful medieval fantasy world where magic is commonplace, your goal in Life in Adventure is to explore the lands, interact with the people and try to create a name for yourself that will be remembered by all once you are dead.

The gameplay in Life in Adventure is very easy and extremely similar to those in any other conversational or narrated adventure game: once you’ve chosen your characters, text boxes will begin appearing on the screen describing a scene or situation and giving you context. After a few of these boxes, you will be able to make decisions that will greatly affect the way the plot develops and, on special occasions, your hero’s stats will affect how these conflicts are resolved.

Life in Adventure’s evocative text boxes are accompanied by beautiful drawings of the kingdom’s inhabitants and creatures. This, in addition to its incredible soundtrack, makes Life in Adventure a real delight for fans of this genre.

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