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Lemmings is the first official sequel for the Lemmings saga since the last release way back in 2000. It also happens to be the very first title within this franchise to have been officially launched on Android.

Control systems in Lemmings are perfectly suited for touchscreen devices. In fact, all you have to do is tap on any specific point on your screen to get your lemmings marching along in that direction. If you build a staircase, set them up with parachutes, dig out a big hole, etc your lemmings will respond accordingly. It goes without saying that the main objective in this game is to keep your little lemmings safe and sound and get them all the way to the exit door in each level.

Another main objective in this game is to save all the planets you come across. Each planet comes with a set of levels to beat while keeping as many as your lemmings alive as possible. The further along you make it within the game, the higher the number of possible booby-traps and strategic elements involved in each level.

Lemmings is a fine companion and next chapter in one of the most iconic video game sagas to come out of the 90s. Not to mention, this time around the game is back with improved graphics that are surprisingly nice. You can even customize each of your lemmings at whim.



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