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Legends of Listeria is a fun 3v3 real-time battle game where you have to fight to take the highest number of crystals possible. In these action-packed games, your only mission is to do whatever you can to win… Attack or defend, anything to get more points than your opponent.

The controls in Legends of Listeria are very easy, as you just use the joystick in the bottom left to move and the action and attack buttons on the right. To attack your enemies, you have various different powers that vary depending on the character you choose. Get your favorite and improve your tactics with each one for an edge over your opponent.

When the game starts, each team of three players will start in a different part of the environment, and your mission is to reach the center to start gathering the crystals that will be generated in the mine. To win, you need to have more crystals than your opponent when the time runs out. So, not only should you gather as many as you can, but you also have to make sure that your opponents lose theirs.

When you gather crystals, they will be stored on your character, so avoid falling in front of your opponents if you don’t want to lose them. Additionally, your main opponents will be the players that have accumulated the most and increase the enemy chests in the run-up to the final stretch. When a player is defeated, their crystals will fall to the ground and can be picked up by whoever is nearby. The player will reappear a few seconds later in their camp.

Legends of Listeria is, in short, a very fun game to play solo or with friends. Download it and start upgrading your characters in this fast-paced adventure where you can enjoy the most epic battles to get crystals.

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