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Learn Chinese is an app that lets you learn Mandarin comfortably and relatively simply. The process is similar to the way Duolingo and LingoDeer work, two language learning apps that also include Chinese, but what sets this app apart is that it exclusively specializes in this language.

As you start to use Learn Chinese, you have to indicate your current level in Chinese. After this first step, depending on the level you have, you can start to practice Chinese with the many minigames included in the app. These games help you learn both vocabulary and grammar in an interactive and, above all, fun way. So, almost without realizing, you start to assimilate relatively complex concepts.

The exercises and games within Learn Chinese are short and simple. For example, little by little, you can learn the pronunciation, by listening and then repeating what you hear. To do that, you have to use your Android’s microphone. With Mandarin, writing is just as important as pronouncing what you write. This app makes sure that both topics are covered.

Learn Chinese is a good language learning app, thanks to which you can try to learn or improve your ability in Mandarin. Of course, it won’t be easy, but learning a language never is, especially when it comes to a language as complex and with as many variants as Chinese.


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