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Leap On! is a 2D arcade game where you control a small white ball attached to a darker ball in the center by a cable. Your aim is to bounce it off other white balls as many times as you can, without hitting the dark ball in the center or any of the other dark balls that appear.

The controls in Leap On! are very straightforward: if you tap the screen, your ball moves clockwise. However, bear in mind that the cable always tugs your ball toward the center of the screen. Fortunately, every time you hit a white ball, you rebound and shoot further away. What’s more, you can collect loads of different power-ups to help you to stay in the game for longer.

Leap On! is a novel, light-hearted arcade game that can be played anytime with one hand, using just one finger. Plus the game has an entertaining soundtrack, an online leaderboard, and a good handful of achievements.



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