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Last Empire-War Z is a strategy and management game where you’re in charge of leading a community of survivors during a zombie apocalypse. To do so, you need to construct buildings, explore new lands, create alliances, and of course, fight against zombies.

The gameplay in Last Empire-War Z is the usual for the genre: you have to complete missions to do things like improve buildings or explore new places. This will give you experience that will allow you to level up and improve your base.

The battles in Last Empire-War Z are played out automatically. All you have to do is recruit units and create squads, and they’ll take care of the combats with the zombies on their own. Plus, while in the beginning you have to constantly defend your base, as you play, you’ll move onto the offensive and can attack other settlements and hordes of zombies.

Last Empire-War Z is a strategy game with hints of management. It offers an interesting backdrop, pretty good graphics, and a ton of references that fans of The Walking Dead are sure to enjoy.



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