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Last Day on Earth is a third-person MMORPG that challenges you to control one of the few survivors of a massive zombie apocalypse. At first, your only goal is to survive. But, as you make your way into this new world where only the strongest survive, you’ll inevitably adapt and aim even higher.

Although it’s an online game, you can still interact with other players (and even fight against them). But in its own way, Last Day on Earth manages to transmit that feeling of absolute solitude that’s common in a post-apocalyptic world. You’re almost always completely alone. Your only companies are the animals you can hunt and the bunch of zombies, which you’ll have to kill.

One of the most important aspects of Last Day on Earth is the gathering of resources that you can turn into all kinds of objects. Nature provides you with wood, hemp, stone, minerals, meat, vegetables, and more. With these elements, you can build anything you want from a house to a work table, or even grow your own orchard. Find screws, plastic, circuitry to build and use firearms, explosives and other modern elements.

You can build your house and base of operations in the start area. Keep in mind that If you ever die, you’ll return to this location. The world of Last Day on Earth is huge and full of secrets. Not only can you visit other players’ areas, but you can also check out military bases, airplane crashes, forests, and many other interesting locations.

Last Day on Earth is the perfect MMORPG to enjoy without interacting too much with other players. The game has hundreds of locations and objects, a fun and very complete crafting system and an incredible visual section. It’s simply outstanding.



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