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Lane Splitter is a game where you have to drive a motorcycle at full speed down a busy highway, while trying to avoid all the vehicles in your way. Hitting another car is deadly, so you have to drive fast but carefully.

The controls are very intuitive: you steer your motorcycle by tilting the device, and accelerate by touching the screen. With these few commands you can play for hours until you unlock the nine characters the game offers, each with its own characteristics.

To unlock the bikes and earn points, you have to collect all the coins you find while racing. It’s not easy, since you have to dodge lots of obstacles that can immediately end the race if you hit them.

Lane Splitter is a really fun racing game. A simple but addictive gameplay, combined with great graphics, make this game hard to put down. Best of all, the track you play changes every day of the week, so it never gets old.


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