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Kwai – Short Video Community is a short-video social network app where we can create and share content with all our friends and followers. As per usual, to use the app, we will need to create a user account. This process will only take a few seconds, and we can either use a personal email account or use another network’s login.

When it comes to creating short videos, Kwai – Short Video Community will offer us hundreds of options. We can use tons of visual effects and songs to record it, and thus create spectacular compositions that will amaze all our followers. Once the clip is recorded, we will also find lots of editing tools that will allow us to fix anything we want, as well as give it a personal touch.

As in any self-respecting social network, in Kwai – Short Video Community we can follow any user registered in the platform, and other users will be able to follow us as well. The first thing we’ll see from the app’s main tab will be the new videos shared by our friends and followers. We’ll just need to tap on a video to play it, like it or comment on it. Of course, we will also be able to watch content from any of the most popular creators.

Kwai – Short Video Community is a very entertaining social network. We will be able to watch tons of interesting videos whenever we want and share our best ones within the app’s community. Moreover, we can also share direct and private messages with another user, and thus help to keep in touch with our best friends.


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