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KREW EATS is a casual game where you accompany YouTube content creators on a fun adventure. In short, you join the famous girls at a campsite to try and eagerly eat all the food you find. By doing this, you will gain many points that will let you unlock new content.

The 2D visuals in KREW EATS are perfect for viewing each level. Your mission is to tap on the screen many times so that each of the girls eats the food that appears. Like this, you will see how each character can devour the different plates you find.

An aspect to keep in mind in KREW EATS is that you can collect pets that accompany you on this adventure. With the coins you get along the way, you can get new animals that also appear around the scene, and that will help you to devour each item of food. Like a kind of clicker game, you have to infinitely tap the screen to generate the highest number of rewards possible.

KREW EATS has a very simple way of working that means you can have fun eating each item of food that appears on the screen. By helping each of these YouTubers, you can amass loads of points with which no bit of food will be left uneaten in the campsite.


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