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Kitty Love is a casual game where you can test your skills caring for absolutely adorable cats. With 3D graphics, you’ll discover the needs of your special feline in no time at all.

With highly colorful settings, the little ones around the home will have a blast while caring for their pet. As you continue to level up, your kitty will keep having more and more needs. That’s why you’ll have to pay close attention to your cat’s every necessity so that it’s always happy.

It’s easy to control every move that you make on Kitty Love. You just have to click on the elements to start making things happen. Among other goals, you’ll have to put together some great outfits or prepare the right food so that your pet has an excellent menu.

Kitty Love is a highly entertaining game where you can care for your feline friend in a wide variety of circumstances. On top of that, the more that you level up, the more affection your kitty will show you.

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