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Kings Empire is a challenging strategy game where you must build up a kingdom from nothing and get control of as many lands as possible. In this adventure, you must build buildings, train great armies and manage your resources as best you can. Only the greatest strategic minds will be able to go far in the adventure.

You start the adventure with only a few boxes of resources that let you build your first buildings. Only with these can you collect your own raw materials that will supply the kingdom throughout the whole game. The higher the level of the buildings, the more resources and profits you will get. The supply warehouses and training barracks will also be essential in Kings Empire, so try to manage your resources as best you can.

During your reign, you must face your enemies on numerous occasions. Many times you will attack their conquered lands, and other times you will defend your base from their attacks. Whatever the situation may be, your only way of defending yourself and your resources is if you have a large army that defeats your enemy’s troops. If you lose, you won’t be able to conquer or defend everything in your kingdom.

This incredible adventure will take you through an endless amount of mysterious places that you will discover bit by bit. Carry out investigations that will help you to improve your actions and join a clan with dozens of people who will fight by your side at the worst of times. Enjoy conquering kingdoms like never before in Kings Empire.


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