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KingGodCastle is a strategy game where your mission is to protect your kingdom from a dangerous invasion. Control your team of heroes until you defeat all your enemies!

The gameplay in KingGodCastle is very simple. You just have to tap on your Android screen. Once the game starts, you will see the area from a top-down perspective with a really striking retro pixelated aesthetic. Pay close attention to the top middle of the screen, as not only will you see your characters but also the enemies that are approaching your territory en masse.

Focus on the buttons at the bottom because they let you increase the number of heroes in your team once you’ve got enough points, and the necessary amount of time has passed. Best of all, all the members of your team will fight automatically in KingGodCastle. However, your goal is to gradually improve each one’s skills.

KingGodCastle is an action game where you can have fun competing in challenging battles against large enemy teams that will try and take over your castle.


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