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Kingdoms & Lords is a strategy game where your mission is to take over and rule all the land you can get your hands on. In this adventure, you’ll become the most powerful person in your area. Your goal will be to dominate everything that extends from your current realm to the farthest point from where you are. If you like games about kingdoms and collecting resources, then this is the game for you.

When the story kicks off, you’ll start out with a small castle and just a few resources that you’ll have to use to invest in your first improvements. With them in place, you’ll obtain more resources and buildings that will help you to achieve a fully self-sufficient city. You’ll have to try to invest in the most important and essential things and manage your money wisely. In order to progress at a good pace, you’ll have to figure out which buildings are more profitable or which fulfill a basic function for your development. To do this, you’ll meed to study everything you can do before embarking on the adventure.

In Kingdoms & Lords you’ll also have to create your own army that will help you conquer neighboring territories. In order to take them over, you’ll not only have to send your troops there, but you’ll also have to have a higher attack power than your enemy’s level of defense; if you lose your troops in battle you won’t be able to conquer anything. On the other hand, you’ll also have to improve your basic defenses to prevent anyone from stealing your resources.

Join a brotherhood and help those in need in order to become a powerful clan. Enlist the help of your teammates and rule your thriving city with an iron fist as you crush your enemies in battle.

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