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Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is an MMORPG where you dive into an open world filled with ruthless enemies, magical powers, and evil monsters and dragons you’ll have to fight to survive. This universe is truly extensive, so there’s plenty of places to explore as you move around the map.

One of the most striking aspects of Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is its graphics, which are 3D and include a 360-degree camera, all of which makes it easy to get the lay of the land. Before you start your first game, you have to select one of the available protagonists. Each character has unique abilities to use when you fight.

As the combats unfold, tap the action buttons that appear on the screen to attack. You can make all kinds of combinations to generate different attacks and defenses for more effective fighting. Other times, you’ll need the help of other players to win the PvP combats you participate in.

The world in which Kingdom: The Blood Pledge is set has tons of elements to unlock as you play. You can even steal from other users to gain power and improve your character’s abilities. That said, you can also forge your own weapons for a completely customized arsenal that will take your opponents by surprise.

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