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King’s Choice is a striking strategy game that manages to put an interesting new twist on the premise of titles like Clash of Kings and Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. Although it maintains most of the gameplay from these games, King’s Choice adds an important section focused on relationships. This means it’s basically a military strategy narrative title with dating simulator overtones, with the added bonus of complex political plots.

In King’s Choice you’ll start out your adventure by selecting the prince or princess you want to woo. Through a series of dates and after multiple tests, your relationship with this special person will be strengthened, giving you advantages in all other aspects of the title. If the relationship goes well, you can even have a child that you can marry with the princes and princesses of real players, thus forging valuable alliances.

While it is true that in King’s Choice you’ll be able to train your soldiers and send them into battle, this feature is completely overshadowed by the charisma of the characters in your court.


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