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Kawaii Home is a decoration game, similar to games such as ‘My Room Design Home Decorating’ which includes a pixel-art design fused together with a Kawaii look. This game is a delight for those who love interior design and Japanese culture.

This time, you get to become a character who owns an interior design agency. Your job is to fulfill your customers’ requests, who are looking to decorate their rooms with your furniture and style. But, don’t forget that their own personal style also counts!

In Kawaii Home, you’ll decorate small spaces such as studio apartments, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc. To make sure that your customers love the end result, check out the information sheet that specifies the type and amount of furniture that each room needs. You also have to adjust the decoration to their budget and send your proposal to your customer. Once that’s done, the decorated room will go on to an online section where other players will compare and vote on similar rooms.

One of the features that stands out in Kawaii Home is the huge variety of furniture and decoration elements that you can use in each room. Each element is easy to move, turn and place. You can play with different levels, change the colors of the walls and the floors, move the furniture around and redecorate as many times as you want. As soon as your masterpiece is ready, hit send and that’s it!

Kawaii Home is an interior design game that provides a breath of fresh air because it’s different from the rest of interior design games. In this game, you don’t earn money by solving match-3 puzzle games, you earn it by decorating! So, you can actually spend time doing what you love.


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