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KartRider Rush+ is a Mario Kart style racing game that belongs to one of the longest running sagas of the genre: Crazyracing Kartrider. This franchise, originating in South Korea in 2004, has over a half a dozen titles and millions of fans — particularly in Asia.

In terms of controllers, KartRider Rush+’s control system is designed to play comfortably from a touchscreen. On the left side of your screen, there are direction buttons to move your vehicle from one side to the other. On the right side, there are buttons for braking, drifting and tapping into the ‘power ups’ that you pick up throughout each race. From the menu options, you can also choose between several alternative control modes to find one to suit your liking.

The single-player campaign mode in KartRider Rush+ has several dozens different circuits. It’ll be up to you to successfully complete different missions in this mode. However, you can also participate in normal races and, as is standard to this genre, compete over the Internet against opponents from anywhere in the world. In fact, up to eight players can play online simultaneously in these competitions over the Internet.

KartRider Rush+ is an excellent racing game, it has outstanding graphics and a huge variety of game modes. In addition, you can work on vehicles and drivers, choosing from a huge variety of cars, helmets and all kinds of accessories.



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