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Kaomoji Japan Emoticon is an extraordinary app that provides users with dozens and dozens of emoticons created with typographic symbols. This is a very fun way of adding extra expression to your messages without having to rely on the default classic emoticons that come with your keyboard.

Kaomoji Japan Emoticon groups its emojis into different categories so that it’s easier for you to reach them. So, there is a ‘good mood’ section with the categories love, celebration, emotion and happiness. Then, in the ‘bad mood’ section are the categories anger, worry, sadness and ill. In addition to these two main sections, there is another with emotions such as surprise, confusion, shy or crazy, and an animal section with categories like bears, cats, dogs and parrots.

When you tap on any of these categories, you will see an extensive list with very expressive face designs, but using only typographic signs. To copy any one of these designs, simply tap on it, and it will go automatically to your clipboard so you can paste it in any text space you want.

Kaomoji Japan Emoticon is an amazing app that lets you share funny faces made from typographic symbols without needing to rack your brains trying to work out how to create them. Using this app is so easy that you won’t ever want to uninstall it from your smartphone.

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